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Located at the Route 20 / Route 2 interchange, Narrows Road Marathon offers convenience whether you find yourself entering or exiting the freeway. Many of our Commerical & Fleet Customers find Narrows Road Marathon to be their morning destination, as Narrows offers an ample selection of products and convenience as the work day leads into the city. Narrows Road Marathon offers 87, 89, and 93 octane gasoline as well as diesel. Fresh coffee is served all day and the friendly staff is there to make sure your day starts off right.

Stop by after work to take advantage of everything Narrows Road Marathon has to offer. Many find Narrows to be a great location to fill their boat as well; Narrows also sells Live Bait for the summer fishing season, and offers bagged ice and propane exchange all year. With an ATM on site, Narrows offers convenience to customers whether cash or credit is their preference. Stop by Narrows Road Marathon today and soon you'll find yourself

becoming a regular.

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