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Commercial & Fleet Fueling

Sines Inc. is prepared to handle all of your fueling needs. Whether you're running a retail fueling outlet or have a fleet of vehicles, Sines Inc. can create a custom plan to address the fueling needs of each customer individually.

Sines Inc. delivers fuel daily, with most deliveries being same day or next day. Please call our office at 440-354-3076 to discuss your needs and create a customized plan to service you promptly.


Home Heating Solutions

Sines Inc. provides solutions for heating your home in the winter and throughout the year. Fuel oil is the heart of our business and keeping our customers comfortable is our primary concern. Sines Inc. supplies fuel oil to your neighbors, from Geneva to Lakewood and offer next day delivery, if same day is not possible.

Several tank wagons are available thoughout the day to service you and you'll be satisfied with our prompt delivery. Call today or place an online order and let Sines Inc. meet all of your fuel needs.


Marathon Jobber

Own a gas station and want to join the Marathon brand? 

Sines Inc. has been branding Marathon gas stations for over 40 years!


Work with an established local presence and leadership, American imagery, reliable supply, community focus, and responsive customer service. We sell gas for a living! This is what we do... Call our main office today to get more information: (440)354-3076

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